How Does Running Cause Plantar Fasciitis?

In plantar fasciitis treatment, walking may cause overstretching of your leg. When you walk, walk gently without straining your heels. Another thing to remember is to avoid walking on hard surfaces and always opt for proper well cushioned shoes. Old and worn out shoes must be avoided which can cause discomfort while walking. There are heel pads and cushions available which help provide support to the heels and feet. There are painkillers and other anti-inflammatory drugs that relieve the throbbing pain. In addition, there are certain plantar fasciitis exercises like stretching exercises. However, these exercises must be performed in supervision of a physiotherapist. Physical therapy. Your doctor may recommend that you undergo physical therapy. Your physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation and will create an individualized treatment plan for you based on your symptoms, needs and goals. Physical therapy treatments may include stretching, exercises to strengthen your muscles, taping and use of electrotherapeutic modalities. In addition, your therapist may recommend modifications of your shoes. If you have planted fasciitis , talk to your doctor immediately to find out treatment methods and what would work best for you. Only a doctor can tell you it is a more serious condition, or of anything else is required other than just a basic treatment plan. So if you have been told that myofascial release therapy may be good for your back pain, always consult a therapist who has training in such techniques. Because as with many other treatments for chronic back pain, myofascial release may benefit some people but not all. Appropriate shoes are the first line of defense against pain from plantar fasciitis. With every step, pressure is put on the plantar fascia. When the plantar fascia ligament becomes overused, overstretched, or injured, it causes plantar fasciitis. Want to find out more about the Aircast Airheel Support? , then visit to find the right brace for your injury, condition, activity or sport. Heel pain treatment options are numerous, and are concerned with cushioning and supporting the plantar fascia, as well as keeping it in a stretched state to prevent morning foot pain. Whilst heel pain treatment options vary in their effectiveness from individual to individual, there are two which have proved to be highly effective with most sufferers. Heel pain treatment devices for plantar fasciitis can be split into two categories. Those which keep the plantar fascia stretched during rest, such as a plantar fasciitis splint, and those which provide cushioning and ease the strain on the tissue such as heel seats.plantar fasciitis shoes 1.If your friendly neighbourhood surgeon says you have heel spurs which need to be removed, beware! It's important to remember that heel spurs themselves do not usually cause heel pain. In a recent study, it was determined that about 21 per cent of the adult population has at least one heel spur (!), yet few of these individuals reported actual heel pain. This article was written by Dr. Michele Summers Colon, DPM, MS who is located in El Monte, CA. Dr. Colon can be found at You can also located Dr. Colon's online store at Dr. Colon has also written a book titled "Your Feet are NOT Supposed to Hurt!" Tom Myers wrote a wonderful book known as Anatomy Trains, which looks on the myofascial meridians of the body. He proposes there is a sequence of myofascial lines of that journey through the body. For example, the superficial back line begins with the plantar fascia on the foot, goes up the back of the leg, continues up the muscular tissues of the backbone and ends over the top of your head at the eye sockets. Pressure in any area along this line will influence the whole. Now get up and see how the foot feels. Is there any much less pull on the underside of the foot? Hopefully so! It can also help increase the circulation of the blood in your foot. The Aircast Airheel may make it easier for you to walk. This is because the Airheel can help to lessen your pain. The Aircast Airheel slips on your foot the same way a sock does. After you have put the brace on your foot, you can make the brace fit more comfortably by adjusting one strap. There are also oral anti-inflammatory medications that may offer great relief to you. Local anesthetics and corticosteroids injections are very useful in severe cases, but they should be administered by a physician who is skilled and experienced in using this technique. As a large amount of time is spent in bed during sleeping hours, it is important to ensure that the sheets at the foot of the bed do not constrict the foot, leading to plantar flexion in which the foot is bent straight out with the toes pointing. This constricts and thereby shortens the gastroc complex, worsening the condition. A heating pad placed under the muscles of the calf for a few minutes prior to rising may help loosen tension, increase circulation in the lower leg and reduce pain. Also during sleep, a night splint may be used in order to hold the ankle joint in a neutral position. plantar fasciitis treatment